While they were still in college, Pastor John Kuzins and his wife, Brandy, began to dream of a place where people who were downtrodden, disadvantaged and disregarded could find hope and a place of escape from the relentless pressure of depression, addiction, abuse and poverty. In faith, they began to build upon their dream by serving hurting families that God put around them, seeing broken lives being transformed and hopeless people finding hope.

For 20 years, Pastor John and Brandy continued to pray and seek God’s timing over this dream as Pastor John worked in full-time ministry to prepare for the call he knew God had on his life. In February of 2011, Hope Hill Church officially launched in Manassas, Virginia, gathering in a local school.  From the beginning, going into the community to serve others has been an essential mission of the church.  Laying the foundation of the church’s ministry, the leadership team gathered together, often praying: How can we, together, serve more, give more and reach more than ever before?

As they continued to share, pray and dream together, it became incredibly clear that God was birthing something new. In a pivotal conversation, Pastor John asked: “Have you ever heard of a Hope House? What would you think about placing Hope Houses throughout Northern Virginia?”

Over the next year, Hope Hill Church began an organizational transformation, and in the Spring of 2016, Hope for NOVA officially launched, opening its first Hope House to both continue the legacy that is its foundation and to expand its outreach by creating new ministry opportunities and increasing volunteer capacity.

Hope for NOVA is powered and funded through partnerships with local churches, organizations and individuals. As we look ahead to the future, we invite you to dream with us and be a part of this God-sized story.